Saturday, October 16, 2010

Thank you Dolce and Gabbana

I went to the Tea party held at Spiga 2, Dolce and Gabbana store. I saw amazing pieces and what Stefano and Domenico did for the young designers are truly amazing.

Dolce and Gabbanaスピガ2ミラノ店でティーパーティー!ステファノとドメニコが新人デザイナー達に与えたことは本当に素晴らしい。最高な商品も数々ありました!

ipad to look through collections

e-mail from Stefano and Domenico to Swide reders:

Dear Swide readers,
The opening of the Spiga2 store in Milan is for us a matter of great pride. In this store, together with the Dolce&Gabbana accessories, you will find pieces from the collections of young emerging designers from around the world. We believe this is a huge novelty, and perhaps strange to some. A brand bringing other designers’ pieces into its store is something that has never been done before.
We chose these designers by looking at their website, and then a buyer decided which pieces of their collection to get, but not just that. We wanted to give the young talents the opportunity to contribute in the selection.
This is because we know how hard it is for a younger designer, at the beginning of his career, to sell innovative pieces that represent their vision of fashion and the style of the moment. We remember how hard it was for us to convince buyers to invest in Dolce&Gabbana because our designs were considered a bit daring for that time.
When we think back on our career, we realize how hard it is to get heard, to get an opportunity, find your own space. This is why we are proud of Spiga2. We don’t mean to be patrons of fashion, definitely not, but to create visibility for them and some profit. When we say profit, we would like to underline the importance of it at the beginning of a designer’s career. This is why we bought their collection. We want to sell them and let customers know them. It’s not charity, it’s a real opportunity. Some of them, when we called to explain our idea almost couldn’t believe it. They thought it was a joke.
We are not as young as they are, but we have been there and know how frantic the beginnings can be. But we still understand today’s fashion world. The market needs to be shaken up with new names. It’s very important for us as well. If there is a new talented designer around, you also feel stimulated to do something, this is important. We like to imagine our accessories mixed with other brands’ collections, which is something people do anyway. We like to think that today we are still as we were at the beginning of our career: in tune with reality. To all of the designers we picked for Spiga2, but not only, to all creative people who want to work in fashion we would like to say to never stop doing what they do and always challenge themselves.

Domenico & Stefano

via “We want to give an opportunity to young designers”

The tea and the cupcakes were very pleasant. Their warm welcoming surely touched people's hearts.

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