Thursday, October 7, 2010


In Milano, Italia now...
Second night I spent here I went to a library 10 minutes away from the Duomo. There, they held an event for the poet Haracio Ferrer. They harmonized his poetry with a small orchestra of violin, cello and piano.

I entered the room and the hall was surrounded by these four walls with a beautiful baroque painting. It was extremely huge that I doubted at first that one man did the painting all by himself. They had a long explanation about the painting but I was only able to pick up parts of it due to my lack of comprehending Italian. There was a man playing a viola in the nature and all the animals came out to listen and to sing with his melody. There were many many different kinds of animals and especially lots of birds! They said that they discovered the American land at that time and painted the different kinds of birds that they saw in South America.

ハラチオ・フェレール、詩人とのオーケストラのショーを見に行った。場所はドゥオモから徒歩10分でいける図書館。その中のステージの部屋へ入った時は私の息を一瞬止めた。 バロック時代に描かれた絵。ヴィオラを弾いてる男性を聞きに来ている動物達。ちょうどこの時代南アメリカを発見したときで珍しい鳥がたくさん描かれていた。

Listening to the poet was all in Italian. And I don't speak the language. yet... If someone else was to be in my position, he or she would think it was just bunch of gibberish. But the whole time, I could not bore myself. I was only inspired. Haracio Ferrer's voice reading his lovely poem was like a song to me. The musicians talking to each other to the audience was like a harmony to me. Then I noticed. If I were to understand Italiano, I would be listening to them talk as words. And words have meanings. But this time I was able to listen and hear Italiano as its sounds - rythmical intonation. No wonder opera sounds so beautiful in Italiano because the language itself is a melody. I know a Japanese opera singer and she told me once. It is extremely difficult to translate the opera lyrics to Japanese and sing it. It looses its beauty because the language is not so melody-like as the Italiano language.

ハラチオさんはずーっと私の分からない言語で詩を読んでくれた。けど一度も無知の空間の中で退屈は感じなかった。音楽として聞いてたからかもしれない。そして私はふっと感じた。もしイタリア語を知っていたら言葉として捕らえている。だが今回はイタリア語を音(オン)としてきいてた―イタリア語のリズミカルなイントネーション。 オペラはイタリア語だと美しいのはこういう理由だからかもしれない。また日本語にはない別の魅力だ。

Never seen a man so colour coordinated: brown suit, red stripes, vivid red shirt (with initials embrided on the left lower chest which means custom made), grey-green chiffon bow, dull red flower
Wish you can see his cufflinks here!  VERY styling. Representing Milanese men.


I was once told 4 years ago when I was in Milan by an Italian woman. She was talking to my friend in Italiano. Then she looked to me and asked a question. Ofcourse I was only able to say. "non parlo Italiano..." and she was surprised. The whole time she was talking with my friend, she thought I understood because of my expressions. Well they are so expressive with the hand motions and maybe because I'm so intrigued by the sound that it comes to me like music. And music has no borders.

四年前ミラノにいた時ある女性に言われた。彼女は私の友達とイタリア語で話していた。そして私を見て質問を聞いた。もちろん「イタリア語喋れません...」としか返答できなかった...けど彼女は少し驚いていた。彼女が私の友達と話していたとき私はずっと会話を理解していると思っていた―私の表情がそういっていたのだ。 イタリア人は腕や手を使いながらとても表現力強く話すから私には音楽の用に聞こえたのだ。 音楽には国境はないから...だから理解した用に見えたのかも?

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