Friday, October 22, 2010

Roaming around VINTAGE SHOPS in Milano

Vimtage men's wear shop.... LOVE

Leather bags

Hanger Suitcase for VESTS! how clever!

Vintage Drawers

I want to travel around with this... except I'm not strong enough...


More vintage collared shirts

Mini fridge and sink sitting on a counter!!

I tried to take the vintage haute dress inside but its very tiny. Yet you can see me and my friend on the other side of the street clearly reflecting off the window. My personal fave photo <3

I like the soles of shoes too...

  Close up

CUT Leather jacket store! looove them all

Fell in love with the gas mask inside Vintage Army store on Navigli


Eye protection

Vintage jackets for tough men. Only if I can fit in them... </3

This is very hardcore


Too cute.

Ring Ring Ring! Sit on the chair and put your shoes on

Buckle up!

Cork Screw that's too cute for screwing a cork.


  1. Hello.I live too here.I want know where is this shop.Please!!


  2. They are just many shops! Which one in particular do you want to know? or all?
    They are mostly on Navigli and Via Torino!