Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Today, I finally got the PERMESSO DI SOGGIORNO from the immigration office (after the third trip there) and the CODICE FISCALE from the Agenzia delle Entrate (which was easier to get than I thought it would)! YAY!

So for those of you who wants to get the Permesso di Soggiorno for working holiday, you want to get it within the 8 days you land in Italy. Make an early trip at like 7am (cuz the lines ups are OhSoLong) and don't plan anything to do in the early after noon. Oh yes. It took me about 4 hours to get it and 90% of the time was wasted because of the wait! You will need: a form (which you can get at the entrance with a waiting number),documents from your embassy, 4 passport quality photos of yourself (which you can take in a photo booth in stations and in the immigration office), photocopies of your passport (the pages with your picture and the visa printed), also you will need to go to a TABACCHINO to buy a Marca da Bollo da 14,62EURO (this is a stamp which you will need to seal on the form). If you finish applying the form after a very long wait (I waited at least 1.5 hour), you will get your fingers scanned after another LONG wait (Owh, I probably waited for at least 2 hours).  Again, this is the procedure of getting the Permesso di Soggiorno for WORKING HOLIDAY. So there are many different types of visas so don't know how about the other ones. Oh and make suuure you go back the window where you have applied and get the official form with your info and your photo sealed and signed. I did this in Milano close to Turati (Yellow Metroline 3) Station, so if anyone has questions about how to do it there, I guess I can help you.

Also for the Codice Fiscale. I went to Milano's Agenzia Delle Entrate also near Turati (Yellow Metroline 3) Station and there I just lined up, told the guy what I needed and took me to an agent and got it done in like 5 min. You will need this Numero di Codice Fiscale for opening banks and such. I brought my Permesso di Soggiorno so I guess it made the whole process easy!

Anyways, I had many friends foreigner friends in Japan trying to make it out in the crammed country of chaotic confusion. At least, some Italians do know English! Phew! Or some Italian words are similar to English. But thinking about doing it all in Japan where nooobody speaks English?? I can't even imagine. Well... I guess I can since these two Chinese girls were asking me to help them. But they were speaking in Chinese to me... :( But I don't understand Chinese! and they had electornic dictionary in one hand trying to explain things to me in English but they made no sense! Plus I had to run downstairs to go get my fingerprints I couldn't help them. Sorry Chinese girls! I hope you guys made it out okay! Anyways I give respect to the foreigners in a foreign country who went through it all! People told me how hard it was but now I feel you!

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